Emergency Plumber

If you need an emergency plumber – we’re at your service.

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Now, after you’ve called us and we’re on our way, here are some steps can help in limiting the damage if you act properly before the plumber actually arrives.

Do not panic!

Your main focus should be on to stop the water from flowing beyond the leak point. All the stop valves should be turned off and in case the escaping water is still not under control then all the cold water taps should be opened immediately to drain out the storage and pipe work system. The most important thing is NOT to turn on any hot taps. Any electric immersion heater should also be turned off before calling.

In a case where you are unable to close the shut off valve, contact our Austin city water authority immediately, so that water can be turned off at the main. If the water rises to the level of electrical cords and outlets, there is a possibility that it could be carrying an electrical current. Do not attempt to go near the water until you shut off electricity to the circuits affected. If you are unable to reach the breaker or fuse panel safely, have the power company shut off the electricity to your home.

A plumbing emergency is just that; an EMERGENCY! It leaves no room for wasted time. A broken pipe, overflowing toilet, or flooded bathroom is a horrible and often unpleasant event.

There is much you can do to minimize the damage while you await the arrival of your emergency plumber. It is important to close the main shutoff valve at the first sign of flooding. If you find water is pouring out from a particular tap or a fixture, immediately close the valve next to it. You can do these things immediately, and rest assured that help will arrive promptly.

Prepare for plumbing emergencies

Unexpected plumbing emergencies can happen, but many plumbing problems can be avoided if you ask Your AustinĀ  Plumber to conduct annual maintenance checks of your plumbing system. Regularly keeping your drainpipes clean and replacing worn-out pipes on time can bring plumbing emergencies to a minimum.

It is better to prepare yourself in advance for any plumbing emergencies that may occur, so please contact our offices at your earliest convenience.

Circumstances that require an Emergency Plumber

Here’s a list of situations that you should call