How to use Your Disposal Environmentally In Austin

Its fast, convenient and environmentally useful and it lives in your sink – your disposal. Austin has a compost program but if that’s not practical for your lifestyle – no worries, keep reading to learn how you complement your style with those that compost.

disposalFirst, when you use your disposer you help by keeping food waste out of the landfill. In recent days you have heard about the greenhouse gas emissions and landfills are a significant contributor to them. When you grind the good waste some cities’ water treatment plants can take the resulting biosolids and convert them into fertilizers.

How much can be diverted from landfills by using your disposal?
According to the EPA, in 2010 the amount of the food scraps we generated in the US was 35 million tons. So by using your disposal, you divert the scraps from being transported to landfills – even with gas being close to $2 per gallon, and you can have a hand in reducing greenhouse gases.

So what can you put down a disposal?
Any food waste you have – vegetable peelings, the tops of the tomatoes we cut off, the pineapple tops and sides, because these are virtually liquified so that they flow safely into the sewage system or septic tanks. Plus you’ll have fews bags of garbage which will reduce orders and the number of bugs and insects buzzing around your cart.

And like mentioned before, disposal useage complements composting. So you can feel better even if you’re not composting in your backyard.

Many of the new disposals are energy efficient – on average using a disposal consumes about a galleon of water per day and in terms of electricity- 3 to 4 kilowatts per year which is for most communities less than a $1 one average.

You can get these types of efficient disposals at Home Depot, Lowe’s or even online at Amazon. Please note that when you purchase your own equipment and have it installed by a licensed plumber – the plumber is only responsible for the quality and workmanship of the install. The equipment manufacturer is the one responsible for the equipment. If the equipment failed  – whatever you saved on the purchase of the part – now will go to the plumber to come back and take it out and put a new one in. When you put yourself in the boots of a plumber – it will make a lot of sense.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer


Some questions and answers from people who have already purchased in the InSinkErator Evolution Ecel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

Over 80 Questions with 322 Answers –

1. Is this model # PROXL? Does it come with the power cord and the dishwasher connector kit? (8answers)

  • Hi, C. The model number on my Evolution Excel is EXCEL-2. Mine did not come with the power cord or any wiring. I just used the existing wiring from our former disposal. I’m sorry I don’t remember if that connector piece was included, but the old dishwasher tube hooked right up, and I didn’t have to buy anything separately.
  • I had it installed by a plumber and unfortunately do not know the answer to your question for sure. However, I would expect that the plumber would have charged me for them had they not been included. So, I suspect they were included or the plumber used components left over from my previous disposal.
  • It does not come with a power cord. It needed to be hard-wired. I don’t know what the “dishwasher connector kit” contains, but the model I bought came with only one water connector tailpiece. I did not need to buy anything else, as the previous installation matched up just fine.
  • Neither item came with the unit I purchased. The power cord cost approximately $11.00. I used the existing dishwasher connection. This machine works very well. It is extremely quiet which is the primary reason I purchased along with being stainless steel.
  • It doesn’t come with those. Although they are available either from Amazon or any local hardware store, I didn’t need them. I replaced an existing garbage disposer and used the power cord, dishwasher hose and plumbing from the old unit.
  • Don’t know at this point what the model is but it comes fully equipped, as I remember. It’s wonderfully quiet and efficient. Am very happy with this choice and got it on sale at Amazon. Good luck!
  • Yes it is. You need to get the connector kits Amazon recommends. I think it was 10.00 for boyhood. Wonderful disposal.
  • Mine, shipped/sold by Amazon was not the pro model numer. Came with dishwasher connection but not power cord.


2. is the flange brushed nickel or polished (8 answers)

  • It comes with a polished stainless steel flange with the words “insinkerator(r) food waste disposer” imprinted on it. They do sell a separate brushed stainless steel flange: InSinkErator FLG-SSB Sink Flange, Brushed Stainless Steel I can’t really say what the difference in look would be, though, as I just used the one included with the disposer.
  • I would guess brushed stainless steel. Definitely not polished to a ‘chrome’ shine. Don’t know about nickle.
  • Sorry I can’t answer this question. We had purchased a flange that matched our colored sink.
  • I believe it was brushed, I used my old one and discarded new one.
  • Mine “looks like” stainless, it is not brushed.
  • From my observation it’s more polished than brushed.
  • it’s polished
  • Polished.


3. Is it a continuous feed garbage disposal? (8 answers)

  • Not exactly sure what you mean. However, the rubber cap that sits on top you put food through is designed in such a way that helps keeps things extremely quiet due to the way water flows down the sink. One still has to push food down it. Since our purchase we have tried chicken bones to celery. The mrs even forgets it’s turned on sometimes because it runs so quiet. Lol
  • Not sure what a “continuous feed” garbage disposal is, but if you mean can it run for long periods of time I don’t see why not.
  • works like other disposal with an off and on switch. need to run water while running garbage thru it
  • Yes it is, we replaced our batch feed disposal with this continuous feed one.
  • djohn, The InSinkerator Evolution Excel is a continuous feed disposal.
  • Yes, it is a continuous feed unit.
  • I’m not sure what that means.
  • Yes it is. 🙂


4. Can it be used with a dish washer? (8 answers)

  • Not sure what you mean…”used with a dishwasher”? But, in case you mean can one run it while the dishwasher is in use…I see no reason why not. I use mine during the cycle. It is important to run the hot water in your (if you have twin sinks) that is nearest to the dishwasher to heat it up the water as the cycle is beginning. Of course, this depends on your dishwasher’s make, model and instructions. This product is efficient and beats my builder’s model.
  • Yes, it has a dish washer inlet for the hose from the dish washer. Please note, the inlet has a plastic plug which needs to be knocked out. I simply stuck a screwdriver into the inlet and punched the knockout into the inside and then pulled it out with a pait of needle nosed pliers.
  • Yes, mine is connected to the dishwasher. Don’t forget to knock out the plug inside the dishwasher hose connection if you are installing it yourself.
  • Yes it can. Has the punchout built in for dishwasher, may need the adapter kit to attach it to your drain line.
  • I connected mine to the dishwasher and it works fine. I bought the dishwasher connector set from Amazon.
  • Yes. It is stainless steel and very rugged. I have not yet come across one that does not though either
  • Yes


5. I am about to purchase one of these but cant think where the on and off switch will be located on installation it needs to be easily accesible (8 answers)

  • Some people put the switch under the sink so it is hidden. However, I had an electrician install a wall switch next to the sink and hook up the disposal to it. I have sheet-rocked walls next to the sink, so it is easily done. That’s not always practical.
  • We put a junction box with a switch mounted on the center stile under the sink. It requires opening the cabinet door to access it, but it’s a very minor inconvenience. The switch is hidden as is the wiring, and it was a very easy installation.
  • You can also by a “push button” switch that goes inside a drilled hole in your countertop. Usually next to the faucet. Blends in well. I have a switch on the siderail; sink is in an island in the kitchen
  • If you don’t have a light switch on top of your counter by your sink, and you’re not comfortable with electricity, you need to get an electrecian to install it.
  • I did the Waste King fiber optic unit in the countertop, just left of the faucet. Good location and countertop is so nice compared to wall switch.
  • If you have a light switch next to sink in sheet rock an electrician could easily handle installing switch for disposal.
  • We installed am air gap. Once you drill the hole through your cointer It is very easy to install.
  • Plus, no need for any separate wiring. It all goes under the sink.


6. can anyone tell me if the grind chamber is plastic or metal? (7 answers)

  • I believe the walls are stainless steel. It is hard to see inside of the unit with the pleated rubber flange around the opening but what I can see is a whole lot of metal parts.
    If this is really important I would highly recommend that you contact the company and ask them the question. Here is a page with form to fill out and ask your questions: Good luck!
  • Linda, The web site reports that Evolution Excel has a 40-Ounce Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Grind Component. Although that doesn’t mean there aren’t other materials inside, it appears to be all-metal when I peer into its dark interior. Cheers.
  • is there any installation vedio for this EXCEL 1.0 HP INSINKERATOR
  • I believe it’s stainless steel. It’s definitely metal.
  • is there a installation vedio available on line
  • Mine is metal
  • It is metal.


7. Is this a 220 Volt (7 answers)

  • I simply replaced my old one which was plugged into the standard 110 outlet.
  • I plugged unit into 110vac and did not try 220vac. Sorry I cannot answer.
  • The one I bought was 110V
  • Mine is not.
  • 110 volt
  • 115 vac
  • No


8. Do I need to buy something else apart from the power cord to install it? Does it comes with the sink flange? the sink baffle? and the sink stopper? (7 answers)

  • If your old disposal has a power cord, you’ll need one. Mine was hardwired. (if there’s a wire from the in the wall to the disposal, it’s hardwired and you don’t need a power cord) It comes with everything else you need, except a couple tools to put it together with.
  • You do not need to buy anything else. If you already have a disposal with a power cord you don’t even have to buy one of those. Just remove the cord from the old disposal and attach it on the new one. Easy to do.
  • It comes with everything. I thought I was going to need parts but there’s a bag included that has all the installation hardware and stopper so no need to buy anything else.
  • No. It is complete. Just keep in mind it is heavy. Remember to use plumbers putty around the flange where it mates to the sinnk.
  • The only thing I had to buy was the connector for the hole at the bottom of the unit for the wire so it wouldn’t rub.
  • [Deleted by the author on Jan 21, 2014 2:49:18 PM PST]
  • Everything else is included


9. How well would this work with a septic system? Sounds like it may liquify enought to work well…(6 answers)

  • Go to Insinkerator’s web site to find additional information on the Evolution Excel and other models. There are illustrations of how finely various material are ground by the Evolution Excel. In addition, there may be information regarding the disposal’s compatibility with a septic system.
  • Works great. We are also on a septic system & the insinkerator is powerful enough to liquify most common foods you can throw in there.
  • I have city services so I really have no idea what would be appropriate for septic systems. Sorry.
  • I’m not an expert on septic but I would say if any would get the job done it would be this one.
  • I would say yes. We used one at my previous house without any issues.
  • it will work great


10. is it 220v??? I could’t find voltage information.. (6 answers)

  • I could only find a 120v item. No mention of a 220v system.
  • It’s 110v – it should be on a dedicated 15 amp GFI circuit.
  • It is standard 115V AC, about 11 amperes.
  • No. It runs on 120v
  • No…regular
  • It’s 110


11. I’ve read a few reviews on consumer reports that condem this disposal because of a problem with a “stiff seal” that makes water back up. Comments? (6 answers)

  • I personally installed this unit several years ago. Had to cut my existing drain pipe to fit since this is a much larger unit than the one it replaced. Replaced bottom of line InSinkerAtor with best so no need to replace ring. I took the plug off old one and installed it on new one so it could be plugged into an outlet already under my sink and used scissor Jack to hold the weight while I lined it up and turned the ring. I have not had even one little problem with it no back no nothing just works like it should. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • I think they may be talking about the black robber collar that goes in the drain in the sink, it helps keep stuff from being dropped in there accidentally, I like it that way, if it backs up I just push it down a little and all the water drains down with all the food. I have had it only a short time but it is really quite and all stainless.
  • The unit has a seal that is a bit stiffer than most other units. However the seal prevents any “spit up of waste being processed and a slight poke will initiate the downflow if any water or waste remains in the sink. It is the quietest and most powerful unit on the marker- the best I have ever seen.
  • The top sink seal is great because it cutes down on the noise from the unit grinding as well as preventing flash back…..the water goes thru maybe a little slower than CHEAP units with less material in the water flaps… very well… will love this unit!!
  • We installed our InSinkErator about 8-10 months ago. It works great, and we have had no problems of any kind.
  • I’ve had no problems with water backing up.


12. Will Insinkerator honor the 7 year warranty since this was purchased through Amazon and not O.T.C from a vendor? I have read maybe not. (6 answers)

  • I was able to register it on-line with Insinkerator without a problem. Insinkerator does not have a written policy that I am aware of that voids the warranty when their products are sold through Amazon. I have not had any problems with this item so far. It has performed better than the lesser quality Insinkerator that I last had and subsequently replaced. I had that for 14 years. However, it was not up to the quality and power of the 1 hp and stainless steel unit that I have currently. If you have questions regarding the warranty, check on Insinkerator’s website.
  • I just installed this a month ago and have had no problems. Have not contacted Insinkerator because I have not had any reason. I did register my new disposer on their website without any issues. Don’t know why Insinkerator would treat a purchase from Amazon any differently than from Home Depot or Lowes.
  • The warranty is based upon the serial number of the unit, so it should be covered the same.
  • I was able to register mine with no problem. I have not had to request any warranty service so far but I can’t see why they would not honor any I might have in the future.
  • Not sure of that but this is the best disposer I’ve ever had–super quiet and will grind just about anything!!
  • I have no idea. Contact the manufacturer and ask them.


13. Are the grinding blades or inside parts stainless steel rust resistant? (6 answers)

  • InSinkErator ‘s product information says ” Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Grind Component Handles”. When I look down into the drain of the unit with a flashlight, I can see that all 3 components are stainless steal – I have been around and seen many things; these part are stainless steel without a doubt.
  • Yes, but over time even stainless steel can rust. I am very pleased with this disposer. When I removed my old disposer everything was rusted except the blades.
  • Yes, they are and they do a wonderful job quietly!
  • Yes they are stainless steel. they work great.
  • Yes they are
  • Yes


14. Is this disposal stainless steel or is it colored stainless steel (6 answers)

  • It’s either actual stainless or such a great imitation I can’t tell the difference. Pretty certain it’s stainless.
  • as far as I know its stainless It is the best disposal I have ever had. Unreal quiet
  • It is stainless steel. It is very very very quite! We are enjoying it.
  • I believe it is stainless steel. Sure seems like it.
  • It is solid stainless steel, no paint.
  • It is stainless steel.


15. Will it fit to existing mounting assembly of my old InSinkErator or do I need to replace it with the mounting assembly that comes with the new unit? (6 answers)

  • It’s highly recommended that you replace the old ring with the new one that comes with it. They are similar, but different. The old one will likely work fine, but the new one will work better. If you happen to have a thick sink like cast iron, fiber glass or stone composite, then you will likely have no choice but to change it since the mounting screws will be too low. The new ring will come with shorter mounting screws as an option for the thicker sinks.
  • I replaced the mounting assembly even though I didn’t need to. Either would have worked. I had a new sink with a very old disposal. I am barely qualified to change a light bulb and found the process easy. I used nothing but screwdrivers, pliers, and the wrench that came with the unit as the old plug, gaskets, clamps, and pipes hooked up to the new unit without a problem.
  • You don’t want to use the old ring as the new design ring included with the EXCEL has a rubber isolator built-in to prevent noise from reaching the sink and turning it into a speaker. We were going to use the old ring but decided the new one was worth installing. Just took an extra couple of minutes and the results are impressively quiet.
  • We replaced an older model InSinkerator and the mounting assemblies were the same. I replaced them anyway. You shouldn’t have to.
  • It Should be able to fit. They are standard connections. It comes with mounting assembly and that is easy to replace if needed.
  • It should fit the old mounting assembly Mine did.


16. Is this unit activated by a toggle switch? We have Insinkertor now, but it is activated by turning the stopper in the sink. (6 answers)

  • Thi is like all disposals I have ever installed. You either direct wire to your switch (same as light switch) order you attach a pigtail to the disposal and plug the pigtail into an outlet which is powered by a single pole switch usually located near the sink. The latter way is safest if you use a ground fault outlet in case the operator is touching running water. It is very easy.
  • This one comes ready to connect hard wire to wall switch. Push button made by insinkerator can be purchased separately.
    Power is currently run to your unit but you will have to figure a different way to control on and off.
  • It can be turned on with either a wall switch or in counter top air switch, it’s your choice. You have to buy one as it doesn’t come with either.
  • Mine is activated by a wall switch. By the way – it is quite!!! The running water makes 3 times more noise than this disposal. We love it!
  • Mine is switched using a toggle
  • We have a wall switch.


17. Does this come with a dishwasher outlet (6 answers)

  • Yes, it does. An outlet that can take the flow from the dishwasher to the InSinkErator is present. If your current garbage disposer is hard-wired, you’ll need to make sure you have the accessories to do that safely. If your current disposer utilizes a power cord, you will need to purchase one. I suggest you obtain the one suggested for this model, which is featured on the same Amazon page, and is manufactured by InSinkErator.
  • It has an outlet on the unit yes. You use a screwdriver to punch it out (it has a plastic stop in it by default). Note though that it does not come with a hose or clamp kit for the hose.
  • It you are referring to the part that connects to the dish washer no. You have to buy that separately it is about $6
  • Yes, The one I ordered did have an outlet. It required that you ‘punch out’ a small metal cover with a screw driver.
  • Yes it does. Mine was installed by a professional plumber during a remodel, so I don’t know any specifics.
  • Yes


18. Currently have 1/2 HP disposer. Building guy told me this is too powerful at 1 HP and will cause too much vibration/noise & for commercial use. True?? (6 answers)

  • Your building guy is an idiot. This unit is extremely quiet and the vibration is virtually none. You typically want to go for a more powerful unit just to ease these very problems. The more powerful motor will have an easier time grinding through waste, thus causing less vibration and less noise. The only trouble this unit may cause vs. a 1/2 HP model is taking up more room under the sink.
  • Doesn’t matter that it is more hp as long as it is properly balanced and insulated which it is. You can barely tell when it is running. Quietest disposal I have every owned.
  • NO!!! Quieter and less vibration than 1/2 InSinkErator it replaced. May be commercial quality. Chews up banana peels and cantaloupe rind with no problem and NO NOISE.
  • The Evolution Excel doesn’t vibrate much at all. It has rubber bushings that isolate it from the plumbing and sink, so it is essentially vibration free.
  • Not true. Quietest disposal I have ever had and absolutely no vibration. Running water is loader then the disposal!
  • Not really. This model is designed for home use. Though powerful it is very quiet.


19. Does the Evolution Excel 1 HP have auto reversing? (5 answers)

  • This is all I could find:
    Stop Worrying About What Foods You Put Down Your DisposerThe Evolution Excel disposer features MultiGrind technology, which allows you to grind almost any food waste reducing the chance of clogs and jams. This disposer features a three-stage grind technology that includes a GrindShear Ring, Tri-Action Lug system and Undercutter Disk that makes tough to grind foods a thing of the past as food waste is virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system. In addition to the three-stages of grind, the Excel also includes a jam-sensor circuit that automatically increases torque to break through jams.
  • I have never jammed it to verify however the documentation says it does. This machine is very quiet and powerful.
  • dont think so but has anti jamb circuitry
  • Yes. Mine reverses on each start.


20. Can I put coffee ground down this unit? What about the Evolution Essential model? (5 answers)

  • I have the evolution Excel 1 ph. model. I have not seen anything about coffee grounds being a problem. I wash coffee down with running water and the unit off. The grounds simply pass through the grinding area and down the drain. I did make the mistake of disposing of artichokes once many years ago and totally blocked the drain. That did not do anything to the disposal unit but sure did make a mess getting through the blockage with a full sink of water.
  • I flush coffee grounds down this thing every single day. I usually wait until all of my 4 days of french presses are dirty, then I rinse all grounds into the drain, then I run cold water, turn on the disposal, a jolt is heard, some loud noises for a couple seconds (due to 4 days of coffee grounds) then its smooth and quiet and all is well. I have been doing this with every disposal I have ever had though, and never was there a problem
  • I have no experience with the “Essential” model, but I have no regrets at all with the “Evolution”…. Coffee grounds, banana peels, onion skins, meat, bones… No problem whatsoever…. And it is so quiet, after I turn it off I find myself checking the chamber to see if it actually did anything and there is not a trace of any food items left. This thing is just great!
  • I can’t say about coffee grounds as I put them on plants around the house, however, this disposal has eaten everything I have given it thus far.
  • Yes, I have put coffee grounds down this unit with complete success many times a day in some cases.


21. Is the grind chamber stainless steel? (5 answers)

  • I own this model am very happy with it. I can’t say though positively that the chamber is SS. If it wasn’t though, I doubt it would last very long at all. It almost has to be by default.
  • Yes. It’s all Stainless Steel.
  • Yes; and very quiet!
  • Yes it is.
  • Yes.


22. 220 v models (5 answers)

  • No idea, suggest you go to and contact support.
    Sorry I can’t help.
  • not a judge of 220 models only 120’s
  • Don’t know, I presume mine is 120.
  • What’s the question?
  • No 110


23. where is it made? (5 answers)

  • The model I bought (Evolution Excel) is made in the USA. You can get information about all models on the company that makes them is Emerson Electric. USA! USA!
  • My research shows Racine, Wisconsin. Right here in the USA!!


24. With the larger insulation is there any issues with replacing an old unit? Does it fit right in or does there need to by any modifications made? (5 answers)

  • The unit I replaced was much smaller, but the new unit fit just fine. As long as you have a few inches in all directions and enough space for it to hang down, it will work. In most under-sink cabinets, I think there would be adequate space. The pipe for all of the waste to exit from is still in the same location as the smaller models, so that part fits just fine. The sink hole and the connectors and everything else are the same size, too, so you should be good to go.
  • I replaced a smaller unit with the predecessor to the Excel. There was limited space under the sink and no room to run the drain, pipe to the other side of the sink and hoses to air gap. Size up your situation as this may be much larger in diameter than your old unit. I finally had to cut hoses and stretch them in boiling water to fit plastic 90 degree elbows to fit everything in. Having a double sink makes things trickier.
  • -fits right in anywhere you already have the “insinkerator” bracket already installed in your sink. (if not it comes with one you can install in your sink hole) -all the insinkerators fit on this one universal bracket. -all you need is more room both side-to-side and it’s also quite tall, so you need the up-down room as well. -oh, and you’ll need a cord to wire in, three prong for the ground.
  • I replaced an old badger with this model. There were no issues and although slightly wider than the badger it still didn’t require any modifications underneath my kitchen sink. I didn’t need to buy any additional seals, tools, etc. to install this item. All that was required was the purchase of the power cord as it’s not included. Hope this helps.
  • All the hoses lined up for me. No mods required


25. Does it come with power cord and sink top switch?? (5 answers)

  • This is a higher end disposal, so it is wired directly. Generally only lower end disposals come with plugs similar to an appliance. Also normally an electrician would wire the switch providing power to the disposal. If this is not a replacement for an existing unit, I would recommend getting help from someone familiar with installing these if you feel unsure.
  • -no, it does not come with a power cord, so you will have to have your own cord, and connector (1/2 inch knockout)… sink top switch?? -this is not a batch-feed unit… perhaps you are confusing it with that type which has a switch for on/off activated by the drain stopper?? -it has no switches.
  • No to both question. I had to buy a separate power cord. But, I absolutely love how quiet this disposal is!
  • No it does not come with a power cord or sink top switch.
  • The unit that was delivered to me did not.


26. Does it have a removable splash guard for easy cleaning? The $80 one I bought does not and I hate that. Also, too loud! (5 answers)

  • Yes, the Evolution has a removable splash guard. You are required to run water while it is operating. The water helps it to be very quiet and washes the grindings down the drain. You would rarely need to clean the grind chamber. The disposer that you have currently will not measure up to the Evolution. The Evolution is more powerful (1hp) and it is made of stainless steel (no rust). You need to go to Insinkerator’s website to read about the Evolution. There is quite a bit of information there. Moreover, you will be paying for a disposer that will get the job done.
  • Yes, it does. As I mentioned in my review the mounting parts were interchangeable with the old ones so I avoided removing the old collar and mounting bracket. The splash guards were also interchangeable so I used the new one, placing it in the old collar.The new disposer is so quiet you have to listen closely to hear whether it’s running. Don’t go off and leave it running by mistake!
  • Yes – it has a very effective splash guard that is very easy to remove for cleaning and very simple to put back in. As for noise – this is absolutely the quietest garbage disposal we have ever owned; you can hardly hear it even when it is grinding up raw vegetable waste – the splashing water is louder than the disposal unit.
  • Yes. This unit actually may be too quiet; over the sound of the runnning water one has to concentrate to remember that it is on!
  • It comes with a rubber insert which can be removed and cleaned. Plus it is really quiet.


27. Does it rust after 2-3 years? Does any body had it long enough to tell? (4 answers)

  • This model is made of stainless steel inside and out. Rusting should be the least of your worries. I have had mine for almost a year and I am overly satisfied with its performance and their is no indication of rust in the chamber nor on the outside. My advice to you is to do your research at a Lowes or Home Depot first. Ask the store reps about the disposals and they will give you the info you need. You should even ask local plumbers about this disposal. What you are trying to get are testimonies and recommendations about this product. Then go on-line to Insinkerator’s website for more detailed information such as specs, performance, warranty, etc. If you have all your facts and you feel Amazon has the best price and you are confident of your ability to install this disposal, then it is up to you what you should do next. This item is heavy and awkward to install.
  • interior is stainless steel, stainless steel blades that reverse when you turn it off and on. I have had mine over 10 years. bought one for Dr. son new house. SUPER QUIET. No Rust
  • I haven’t had it that long but it’s stainless steel so unless your pouring acid in it I would think it would last quite awhile
  • I’ve only had mine about a year and it still looks brand new.


28. If I am hard wiring this to a switch do I still need the power cord? I have no plug in outlet under my sink as my present disposal is hard wired. (4 answers)

  • You don’t need the power cord as the disposal is intended to be hard wired to a switch. The only issue MIGHT be the length of your existing wire. This disposal is HUGE and the wiring connection is on the bottom. I was fortunate to have a very long BX armored cable connecting my older disposal, but you need to see if your existing cable is long enough to reach and not be stretched tight, make sure the cable has enough slack for a “drip loop” under the disposal so that water can’t follow the cable into the disposal wiring cavity. If your cable IS too short, you need to have an electrician install a longer cable between the switch and the disposal. You DON’T want a junction box under your sink, just like you don’t want an outlet there. Just too much chance of water incursion.
  • The disposal is designed to be hard wired, it has screw terminals to land your wires and accepts a standard 90deg BX armored cable fitting in the base. Not a problem.
  • No, but I assume your hard-wired connection goes to a switch so there is a way to turn the disposer on and off.
  • No


29. evoution excel 1 hp looks huge … would it be too big under any circumstance? Only 2 items needed are the powercord and dishwasher connector kit? (4 answers)

  • It is slightly bigger than a standard disposal. But not as big as the picture would have you believe. I had no problems with room under my small cabinet after the install. (Plenty of room to put back all the cans and bottles of household cleaners. My old disposal was hardwired. So yes if yours needs to be plugged in,… would need a power cord. If you already have a disposal,…..just use the one you have. You would also need a dishwasher kit. Which is nothing more than a hose to connect from the outlet of your dishwasher to the disposal. You must use a long screwdriver or punch and knock out the plug inside the nipple before installing the dishwasher drain hose onto the nipple of the disposal. It is best to knock out the plug before you install the disposal. (Easier to knock out the plug when you have the disposal in front of you than under the sink.)
    The only issue I had in installing the disposal was that it was very heavy to lift up to the sink drain. (This really is a two person job.) I had to prop things under the disposal to get the height of the disposal close to the sink basket. Also,… aware that once you turn on the now working disposal,……there is a slight delay in the unit turning on. According to InSinkErator,….this is normal with this model. The delay is because of the relay for this, and only this model. It is much quieter than any disposal I have ever owned before. And after a lot of research,…..I have concluded that this is probably the best home disposal that money can buy. Many reasons,…..many features. To many to discuss here.
    Again,….as far as size,…..there are dimensions on Amazons web site. The height of the unit includes the new sink basket. It is wider than most at the top near the sink,…..but than narrows at the bottom,……not taking up much room.
  • In a standard base cabinet it will fit just fine. It is a little bigger than other garbage disposals, but for the grinding power it is great. The only thing is the warranty, if it isn’t broken, you will have to pay for the service call. Yes, only 2 items needed, but ensure that the discharge hose screw is tightened. I had mine leak, until I tightened it.
  • It is larger than a standard unit, so it hangs down ~2″ lower and is somewhat wider, as well. My install was a swap, so I had power and dishwasher plumbing in place. Check the details about the dishwasher connection. There were extra parts when I got done, I thought they were related to dishwasher connection.
  • It’s roughly the same size as our old (different brand) AND a LOT QUIETER. Yes, all you need are the powercord. It’s been a few months, but I don’t remember ordering the dishwasher connector kit. However, a plumber installed ours. We really are enjoying ours.


30. Is it safe for septic systems (4 answers)

  • From what I understand, most disposers are safe with most septic systems if used correctly. It has to be a larger tank than minimum, and you should use an adequate amount of water to make sure it is well distributed. We have a septic system and have been on it for more than two years. We use the disposer extensively as we are very remote and can’t get any garbage service here. We have to take care of everything as no company will pick up any of our trash. This disposer is very quiet and seems to be an excellent one. We have not had a problem with it or with any part of the system to date. We have been putting everything into it. Our plans are to keep a number of things out in a couple of months as we want to have compost materials for our gardens. That would include coffee grounds, salad greens, etc. However, everything is currently being tossed into the unit and it quietly grinds them up and send them into the septic system (with plenty of water) without a problem. Hopes this helps you.
  • A disposer of any kind does very little to your septic system, but your septic system is only as safe as what, and how much of it, you put into it. Anything that the disposer can grind up will go into the septic system. Some things that can damage the septic system (either its plumbing or the bacteria that live in it to break down waste) will still damage it, whether it’s ground up or not. Antibiotics should never go into it. Bleach, acids, and other poisons, ditto. Bulky and fibrous materials, ditto. Only stuff that is happily digested by the bacterial decomposers should go into any septic system. All the disposer is going to do to anything you put into it is to grind it into fine particles. These particles still need to be decomposed by the little things that live in the septic tank.So it’s really up to you to manage what goes down your drains, and how much of it. You may find it helpful to compost vegetable wastes as a policy, just to keep the bulk factor in check.
  • I installed the product for about three months and so far had no problems with it. I used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, even I use to grind fruit pits pretty tough, like peach or beef rib bones, just avoid dumping coffee grounds in the garbage disposal because the fitter said that with time this could come to clog the sewer. I am well pleased, I have no complaints to report.
  • To my knowledge, this product is no different than other garbage disposers in that certain garbage is good for septic systems. From experience, no greasy or fatty garbage (meat) should ever be put into septic tanks. Of course, the amount garbage should not be excessive especially if your tank is small.


31. Do I need to purchase an air switch myself for this model? (4 answers)

  • An air switch is an additional-cost option, and for me a good one. This is a button on the counter near the sink that you push once to start the disposer, and push again to stop it. It is called an air switch because you are pushing on a column of air connected by plastic tubing to the actual electrical switch installed within the disposer cabinet, and the disposer itself is either hardwired or plugged into that electrical switch. The air switch advantage: no electricity at the button so no problem with wet hands or splashing water onto the switch. Adds costs though for the air switch and its installation. You may have to have another hole drilled into your counter as well. Air switches work well around a bathtub as well to turn on things like lights, fans, tv’s, etc.
  • We didn’t purchase an air switch as an air switch would pump air into the garbage disposal & there’s enough volume of water when the blades are turning to pump waste out. Hope this helps!
  • No. We just replaced our old disposal with this one with no additional parts needed. Our previous one was not the same brand but it fit with no problem.
  • The unit does come with an air switch – it will have to be purchased seperately


32. What Voltage? (4 answers)

  • I believe it’s 120 volts, but I don’t have the manual with me.
  • 120 volts ac
  • 110…
  • 120


33. What is the amps draw on this unit? (4 answers)

  • I put it on a 15 amp switch with an on-alert light – that’s how quiet it is, you want to have a reminder that it is running. IDK exactly what the draw is. You will not regret installing this.
  • The InSinkErator specifications page for this particular unit list the “average load” to be 10.2 Amps.
  • Don’t know. Replace a small hp rating have had no issues. It is heavier but old sink handles. Sure is quiet


34. does it work with septic systems? (4 answers)

  • I’m not a plumber, nor do I profess to know about septic systems. I can only speak to the efficiency of the disposer. It grinds anything. No jams. Quiet…does exactly what I purchased it for. But as for discharging ground kitchen waste into your septic system, I can only guess that the more you put there, the more you have the chance of filling up your septic tank. My advice is to contact a septic system expert to ask about the use of disposers in general. This is a great machine.
  • I cannot answer this question because I live in a major city hooked up to city everything. But the unit has been working perfectly so far and is very quiet. I like the way I can easily remove the gasket for cleaning.
  • Sorry, I could not tell you that, as we have public water & sewers where we live.
  • ask a plumber


35. Does this require an on/off switch or is it automatic somehow? If it requires a switch…best to use a light switch or a push-button solution? (4 answers)

  • It requires a switch. I used the existing “light” switch when I replaced the disposal I had.
  • Needs on/off switch. I connected mine to the original light switch style switch.
  • both will work we used the button air start because of space. Good luck.
  • light switch on wall by kitchen sink.


36. Would it make sense to attach one of these to a toilet or would soggy paper be likely to clog it up? (4 answers)

  • No, I believe you would void your warranty and would probably end up with a mess. There are things called macerator pumps designed to do what you are intending.
  • If you require a disposal attached to your toilet, perhaps the best thing to do is change your diet.
  • I think this is an excellent application. As a precautionary measure I would use RV toilet paper.
  • [Deleted by Amazon on Feb 28, 2015 7:21:28 AM PST]


37. is the flange brushed nickel (4 answers)

  • No, it comes with a polished stainless steel flange. A separate brushed stainless steel flange is available, however: InSinkErator FLG-SSB Sink Flange, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • I don’t know for sure, but it appears to be stainless steel. Our sink is brushed nickel and it is not as bright as the flange but they kind of blend and don’t look objectionable.
  • No, it is polished stainless steel.
  • Yes


38. Can I take the Garbage Disposer to the airplane? I don’t want to check luggage. Is it used by 220 volts normally? (4 answers)

  • No, this is 110V AC only here… They are available in 220V 50Hz for the european markets, but you can’t buy them on Amazon… And I wouldn’t try to carry it on to an airplane… That would be like Big Trouble… Look up that movie, it was a great movie… Very funny, and a lot of stars are in it…
  • Allen, it uses 110 volts. As far as the airlines go, I would check with them directly to avoid issues at the gate.
  • it’s 110 v and you would have to call the airlines and ask if you can carry it on an airplane
  • it’s 110 v and you would have to call the airlines and ask if you can carry it on an airplane


39. What is the voltage? I need 220v ou bivolt… (4 answers)

  • Sorry but I dont know the Voltage. It is being used in my home and if I’m not mistaken, everything is just 110 inside the home.
  • The voltage is 110vac which is standard for homes in the USA. I am not familiar with ou bivolt.
  • We have all our appliances at 110V. The InSinErator is 110V. Not sure if it can be converted.
  • 120volt


40. I want to know if you buy the plug kit, can you hook it up, or is it only set up for hard wire? (4answers)

  • Sorry, don’t know. I didn’t buy the plug kit but bought the wiring kit for hard wiring. Since they sell the plug kit it might work with wall receptacle installation as well. Worth asking. Good luck.
  • When I installed mine. I had a heavy duty cord with molded plug and ground. Went to Lowe’s and bought a cable box connector to secure to bottom. Easy install. Hope this helps
  • Not sure, I didn’t use the plug kit. I used the old wire from the old garbage disposal without any problem. Just used wire nuts to attach the old wire.
  • the insinkerator may be either hard-wired or wired for plug-in. I prefer to hard wire


41. Is this stuff a few volts product? 220V 60hz product Recommend? (4 answers)

  • Standard household voltage, as others have indicated below…….not 220
  • no -it hooks up to 120 volts normal household voltage –roger
  • 110V, not 220
  • 120V 60Hz.


42. We plan to buy this for installation on a 33inch stainless steel sink. Will it be too heavy for a stainless steel sink? Should this be a concern? (4 answers)

  • We have a stainless steel undermount sink and no problems, the very important key here is how is it secured, most especially for the undermount sinks other like above mount should not be a problem. We specifically told the installers of the sink that we are having a InsinkErator installed, they used a combination of super adhesive and granite mounted anchors (some use a wooden/steel bracket support installed underneath the sink anchored to it sidewalls or base. Please give the installed/DIY Guy the weight and specs for consideration.
  • It will work very well. Ours is installed on a stainless steel sink that although a two bowl sink that was installed by the builder. With the sink construction quality, it is not the best. The Evolution is larger, but not that much heavier.
  • No, I have mine mounted on a stainless steel sink with no issues; it replaced a Sears 1HP model that had been mounted on the sink for over 10 years, that model was heavier than the Evolution model.
  • No, this would not be too heavy. I bought this for my son and daughter-in-law, who attached it to a stainless steel sink which is a 33 inch and it is fine.


43. can you turn it off manually (4 answers)

  • Yes because it has to be wired through a switch, capable of 15 amps., just like your light switch in your home wiring. This unit does not automatically turn on, you have to turn it on and off.
  • You turn it on and off with a switch just like with every other garbage disposer.
  • It should be tied into a switch so you can turn it on and off
  • Yes. Just turn off the same switch you use to turn it on.


44. Is this disposer as quiet on a stainless steel sink as on ceramic (4 answers)

  • Yes, my sink is stainless and you can hardly hear it running. It’s a great disposer. You will not be sorry if you purchase.
  • Yes, I think it is a vast improvement from my previous InSinkErator disposer.
  • Yes. The only noise heard id from the running water.
  • Yes, you barely hear it running


45. overheat (4 answers)

  • i am not aware of any overheating problem with this unit. I certainly have not experienced any such problem in the short time (four months) that I have been using it.
  • Had ours for a couple of months now. Haven’t had any problem yet.
  • We have seen no indication of this happening
  • Not that I know of. No problem here.


46. this item 220 volt 50hz please confirm I am taking this to Jordan (3 answers)

  • 120 V 60HZ-may have Euro voltage but you would have to check with the company
  • Don’t know if it can be hooked to 220. Mine is on 120v
  • Item is 110 volts


47. Is it recommed for septic systems? (3 answers)

  • from the insinkerator website:
    …Even conventional InSinkErator disposers have always been safe for properly sized septic systems. For example, if your system is sized for a dishwasher or clothes washer, it can handle a disposer. After all, a disposer uses only about as much water per day as one flush of a toilet.
    They also have a bio-assist disposal (using enzymes), however my friend has septic system using a standard disposal and has not had issues in the 10 years with septic.
  • They make a model specifically for septic tanks. But I have a septic tank as well and purchased this model. The reason I purchased this model is because it grinds the waste three times. It advertises that it liquidfies the waste. And as a fellow septic tank owner, you are aware that is why we put products such as Ridx down our drains. This is the model that is supposed to grind waste the best. So I would most definitely recommend this product over the others.
  • In general, no disposal is ideal for septic systems. Composting us much preferred. However, this unit chops very finely and would be better than most.


48. how does it compare to viking brand? (3 answers)

  • I don’t know about the Viking, but it replace a Badger 1/3 hp that I had, an it beats it hands down. This is the best disposal for the money as far as I’m concerned. Very quiet too.
  • I have compared the two and the InSinkErator seems more robustly built, and much more quite.
  • I don’t know, sorry. I bought InSinkErator.


49. is this batch feed? (3 answers)

  • I don’t understand the term “batch feed”.
  • You can feed continuously with the unit running.
  • No. It’s a continuous feed with on/off switch


50. If you are putting this in a new sink/kitchen what do you buy so the second sink drain matches this one? (Sorry to be clueless) (3 answers)

  • I’m assuming you are talking about a sink with two separate basins. One basin has a garbage disposal mounted below the drain. This is the basin where garbage is rinsed out and down the drain into the disposal. The other basin is just a drain with no disposer mounted. Both drains are connected together after the food/garbage has been processed by the disposer.
  • Sta-soft plumbers putty. A kitchen sink basket. Two traps or a single trap installed after the T that connects both sinks to the common drain. Some extension pipes. Several compression washers and nuts. (Unless you are going to use PVC) If you are not familiar with plumbing,…..I would also get someone whom is.
  • If you are referring to the metal flange that is placed in the sink, that reads “INSINKERATOR” it is specific for the product. There are other disposal flanges that your installer could purchase so both sides match.


51. My current (old) InSinkerator has an electrical cord that disappears into the wall behind the below-sink cabinet. Will I need an electrician to install? (3 answers)

  • No – not if you have the least bit of knowledge on disconnecting and reconnecting 3 wires with screws. Easy as eating pie.
  • Yes
  • Yes


52. Further to the last question, whether the switch on the garbage disposal or the need to buy a transformer to convert him from 110 W to 220 W? (3 answers)

  • Not sure I completely understand the question. My unit is strictly made for a 120 volt, 60Hz electrical connection. I would recommend you contact the manufacturer as they may build a 220 volt model for Euorpean markets that we do not see advertised here on the U.S.A.
  • The 220 voltage is for the dryer, etc. There was no conversion to 220 for the garbage disposer. The garbage disposer received and installed on normal household 120 current. Really good product!
  • It’s 110W


53. does it fit european electricity? (3 answers)

  • Sorry, I could not answer that question. You might want to contact the manufacturer directly.
  • I don’t think it will work with European electricity.
  • Don’t know ,,, :(.


54. I have an old insink 1/2 horsepower disposer and want to replace it with this new 1 HP excel. Do I need a new electrical cord or anything else? (3 answers)

  • That’s exactly what we did and my husband didn’t need to buy anything…it was all included.
  • I replaced my 1/2 horse with the 1 horse. No wiring changes required, You should be fine.
  • No. Old wiring should be fine, assuming it was originally correct.


55. what is the model number of this product (3 answers)

  • The one I purchased is model Excel-2. It works GREAT and is extremely quiet. Could not be happier with this purchase.
  • Lowes Item #: 240431
    Model #: EXCEL1HP……it’s the best for the money
  • InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP…”


56. can we turn on and off by the sink stopper? not the wall switch (3 answers)

  • There is no mechanism to turn it on or off at the stopper. Insikerator sells a separate “air switch” which is a button you can mount in a spare faucet hole.
  • This model does not have this option, I do not think.
  • No.


57. Does this need to be installed by a licensed plumber and/or electrician for the warranty to be valid? (3 answers)

  • There was no indication of that listed on my warranty. My husband installed it with no problem.
  • No. Plus these things are so reliable, it would be very unusual for there to be a problem later.
  • The installation instructions didn’t mention anything about that. This install is simple.


58. How long do these last? Our Insinkerator Evolution 1.0 hp was installed in 2002. (3 answers)

  • This the first time we bought this brand’s insinkerator at a promotional price, it came with a three years warranty, so far we like it very much and it runs so quite and is stainless steel, we think it will last a long time.
  • How long it will last I can’t say. It has a 7 year warranty. I am expecting to get at least 10 years from mine.
  • Five + years


59. Which electric supply is it, 220V or 110V? (2 answers)

  • 110 V. You will need to furnish your own plug which you can usually salvage from the existing unit. I would not recommend “hard” wiring it to the house electrical grid.
  • 110


60. Does the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer sold by Amazon come with a 40 ounce stainless steel grinding chamber? (2 answers)

  • Amazon product description for the InSinkErator Evolution Excel Pro states that it has a 40-Ounce Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Grind Component. The Amazon product description for the InSinkErator Evolution Excel has a 40 ounce grind chamber. This seems to be a clear indication that the Evolution Excel model does not have a stainless steel grind chamber. Seeing gray material inside the disposer is not very reassuring that the material is stainless steel rather than gray plastic. Please confirm the material used to make the grind chamber of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer.
  • Yes the grind chamber is 40 ounces.


61. Has anyone ever had to call in a warranty repair? Our unit is stuck and we’re worried it will be a huge pain to deal with the warranty people. (2 answers)

  • Jarhead, I don’t know if this will help, but I called the InSinkErator warranty number BEFORE buying this unit, and the folks there answered my questions about service: they refer you to a local plumber who is certified to work on InSinkErator units. Make sure you try all the troubleshooting actions first: Turn off and disconnect the unit, use the wrench to turn the blades, and hit the reset button on the bottom. DONT throw bones or fibrous peels (celery, potato, pasta and rice) down the unit. You should have the service number on the front of the unit, facing you; it is placed when the unit is installed. Otherwise, look online for the InSinkErator customer service number. Hope this helps!
  • Unit works great. No repairs needed so far. However, I’d contact the warranty people no matter what. That’s the point of a warranty. If they don’t respond the way you want, say so in a review.


62. What disposal should I buy to be able to use a oil rubbed bronze flange? Also which flange will go with it? (2 answers)

  • I just checked InSinkErator’s web page and it appears they sell the flange and the stopper in oil rubbed bronze – here is a link to their web-site:Flange:


    For performance, and that’s how a rate all of my appliances, you cannot beat this disposal in all categories, and it seems in appearance as well.

    If you decide to order these accessories, please let us know the cost, how long delivery takes, the fit (ask the plumber), the finish, and how it performs over time as I am a fan of stainless steel over plated or painted finishes over time.

  • I like this garbage disposal since it is quiet and grinds just about anything. As for flanges it comes with one. If you have a different colored flange designed to attach to a garbage disposal it should fit any garbage disposal that you choose.


63. Are there any disposers that would fit the European electric parameters – 220 Volts etc.? (2answers)

  • I am not a professional, however, if you are talking about putting in where there is only 220V, then I would definately consult with someone electrical. there have got to be a way, or call, email customer service to InSinkErator. Be specific with your questions. Or tal to a plumber as well. Sorry I dont know the answere to that, but we have inverters here in the states that will do what you are talking about, just not on a permenant basis. Their Customer Service dept should be able to answer your question, maybe the even make a european model? good luck, plus I still love my purchase.
  • Emerson Electric does make them, but you won’t find them here on I see one at… It’s a different model from the Evolution Excel, but it should be pretty good quality…


64. Can I use this with my septic system, it has an effluent filter? (2 answers)

  • I cannot tell you for sure if it is compatible with a septic system. I suggest contacting the manufacturer. However, based on the operating description, one would assume it would be work with a septic system. It grinds ALL left overs to a pulp and it is extremely quiet.
  • I think you can, this model has a triple grind. In the reviews some noted that they use with a septic system.


65. Is it free volt? (2 answers)

  • I’m not sure what you mean by “free volt” . It comes with wiring instructions, I purchased an adapter to plug in to a wall socket.
  • It can be Volt Free if you order the Sink Top Switch with it.


66. Does Kitchen Aid make Insinkerator?
Is the claim that an Insinkerator is just a Kitchen Aid insides with an Insinkerator outside accurate ?(2 answers)

  • InSinkErator is made by Emerson Electric Co, which doesn’t make Kitchen Aid. [At least, that is all that I can discover.] We are extremely happy with our new Evolution Excel model. Our previous disposer/disposall was very noisy; in contrast this one is as quiet as a kitten purring. Best wishes.
  • insinkerator is an Emerson brand. Kitchen Aid is a Whirlpool brand.


67. What does it come with (2 answers)

  • It comes with the disposer as shown in the picture, two plastic pile (one is longer, the other is shorter, and I only used the shorter one), the rings for mounting the disposer under the sink, a cover for blockInc water into the disposer, and a L shaped tool for removal of old disposer. You will need a Philip and a flat screw drivers, some plumber’s putty, and two wire connectors to finish the installation.
  • Everything needed to install it. Didn’t have to buy anything.


68. Does this product comes with a 220 volts? (2 answers)

  • NO, is the answer I remember .
  • No. It is 120 volts Ac


69. What is the voltage? (2 answers)

  • Standard 110 voltage needed. Mine is plugged into a receptacle shared along with my dishwasher.
  • 120


70. Is this stuff a few volts product? 220V 60hz product Recommend (2 answers)

  • This model works on 110V, 60Hz. Cannot recommend a 220V product.
  • Mine is 110V


71. cord (2 answers)

  • Unit does not come with a cord. Need to hardwire or buy a cord with plug end.
  • No cord. I reused the one from the unit that I replaced.


72. I’ve been informed NOT to install one, since it will “create a paste that clogs septic, and septic run off. Can anyone dispute? Thanks. (2 answers)

  • We ran a similar unit on a septic for years. The septic was fine with it. The real issue is how much you put down it. Anything you can avoid putting into the septic you should. If you put lots of “stuff” down it, then yes you could have issues. How much is a lot depends on how big a house (and field) you have.
  • I am unsure what the question is, but I can assure you that the installation is easy and straightforward. As far as clogging a septic, what is the real issue?


73. can it plug into the wall with a switch? (2 answers)

  • You plug it in to a switched standard outlet.
  • Yes.


74. What is the outer shell made of…chrome plated plastic or metal? (1 answer)

  • Brushed stainless steel…and it is extremely quite (actual have someone turn it on and say “sorry didn’t know your garbage disposal wasn’t work”…but IT WAS and it chopped up everything she put in it!!)…very happy with our purchase!


75. Want to replace an InSinkErator Pro 17 with this. Anybody else do this and what issues should I be aware of? (1 answer)

  • Can’t say for sure as I’m not familiar with that model. But I replaced an older Insinkerator model and it was a 15 minute job – everything lined up and I reused the old power cord. The only thing I would advise is to feel around the top half of your existing unit to make sure the wide part of the Evolution will fit. It probably will (not sure what would interfere with it), but as you can see in the pictures the top half of the plastic shell of the Evolution is wider than the bottom half, so unless your Pro 17 is the same shape it’s probably worth double-checking.


76. air switch (1 answer)

  • Don’t know what an air switch is. So I can’t help you


77. Hi this will be my first garbage disposal. Do I hav eto buy anything else? Is this the same model as Evolution 200? (1 answer)

  • Hi Don; yes this is the same model. Maybe an elbow pipe/fitting, but it pretty much comes with everything. Quiet as hell; your guests will be amazed.


78. Can this be used with a septic tank system? Thanks. (1 answer)

  • InSinkErator makes a separate model for septic systems, but personally, I would not use a disposal with septic. There’s just too many non-digestible things that go down the drain (like chicken bones) and I just think it would result in more frequent tank pump-outs.


79. where is the button power? I have to buy this button seperately? can you share a link of sample please (1 answer)



  • No


81. Can this be used in Australia . we have 240volts (1 answer)

  • Not without modifying the electrical supply at the outlet. However, a Google search revealed some places that sell a version made for your electrical grid.


82. I want a batch feed disposal. Which Insinkerator is bvatch feed? (1 answer)

  • The Evolution model I got is not a batch feed model. They do make a batch feed, but I am not sure of the Evolution model/number.


83. Host is built air-activated switch? (1 answer)

  • Unintelligible question, sorry!


84. Will this disposal work with a farm sink which only has one drain? Do I need to buy an air switch for it? (Not sure what that is). Thank You. (1 answer)

  • We use ours with a single drain sink. I’m not sure I know what an air switch is.


85. Is this safe for use with Septic systems? (1 answer)

  • Yes this device works very good with septic tanks because it grinds the garbage into very fine particles


86. can I get a white flange (1 answer)


87. Can this be used in Australia . we have 240volts (1 answer)

  • You have to modify the voltage to 110, or it will fry the disposal.


88. Bought two in 2011. 1 stopped working…motor burnout? Info re: how to apply the 7 year warranty please? (1 answer)

  • You need to contact Insinkerator regarding the burned-out disposal. Check to see if it is jammed. The disposal has a reset button. Make sure you reset the disposal after you remove the jam. There is an allen wrench to assist in removing a jam. It allows you to operate the disposal manually by inserting the wrench in a slot (and turning the motor) at the bottom of the disposal. Disconnect the power before you attempt this procedure or the motor could operate unexpectedly.


89. What more i will need to install this product ? i know about the power cord, the dishwasher connector… i will need any kind of start button? It is 220v ? Thank you (1 answer)

  • it is 110 volt you’ll need a switch to turn it on and off